LYK Foods Ltd. is a Vancouver based distributor of fine wheat products. we are the Far East agent of ADM (Archer Daniels Midland) Milling Canada, the world leader in agricultural processing, please visit for more detail.

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LYK Foods Ltd.
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High Protein Flour
Hearth breads, pizza, hoagies, fresh noodle, dumpling.
Medium Protein Flour
Pan breads, bun, roll, various Japanese noodles, xiao long bun, tortillas, pizza pastry, food service bread.
Low protein flours Low Protein Flour
Steam Bun, premium layer cakes, pound cake, fried chicken powder, piecrust, cookies.
  Specialty wheat Flour
- Whole Wheat flour
- Dark Rye flour
- French Sour Bread Mix
- Holgrain Bread Mix
- Donut Mix
- Muffin Mix
- YDG (Yao Djah Guai) Mix - Chinese Donut
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